How to Become An AI Artist; In Depth Guide

Step 1:

Create Your Free AI Artist Account

Step 2:

Add Your PayPal Email or Online Banking to Receive Payouts

Step 3:

Upload an AI Art Design and Select What Products You Want to Sell It On

Step 4:

Customize Your Store and Start Selling Products

Step 1: Set Up Your Shop

You will be brought to the store setup page. Here you will select some options from your shop and put in your PayPal email or online banking information so we can transfer you all of your commissions. (You Keep %75 of profits)

Step 2: Dashboard

Your Dashboard provides an overview of important store statistics such as your monthly earnings, best selling products, and all your orders.

Step 3: Adding A Product

Click the "products" button on the left then click add a new product. Here you will name your product, add the design, choose what type of product you would like it to be, and write a short description. You will also need to price the product, click the button below to go to the All Inspired pricing guide. If your Price does not meet our requirements it will not be accepted by our team.

Useful Tips

  • Advertise your products on social media to drive traffic to your shop.
  • You can put the same design on as many products as you would like.
  • After you send your design and choose a category our team will take it from there, within 24 hours your product will be live on your shop!
  • Keep in mind all products have a minimum price. If your do not meet those standards your product will not be approved. (Follow the Pricing Guide for more info)

Step 4: Your Store

To customize your store hover over settings and click on store, here you can add a banner and profile picture for your store. If you have a physical store you can also put the address in to drive traffic to your store. (This will be displayed on your store page)


To go to your store click the "Visit Store" button from the previous page. The first thing you'll see is your banner, profile picture, any ratings you have, and any other information you list.


After scrolling down you will see all your products. Here customers can sort by category, contact you (if you provide your email), and best of all view and purchase anything they would like too!

We hope this guide was useful to you! If you have any questions go to our "Contact Us" Page and we will get back with you shortly.  Good Luck Selling!

Best Regards,

All Inspired Staff

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